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5 Jul 2017

Organizing Photos For Scrapbooking


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Posted By Wilbert D.

Photographs or pictures add to one's life. Probably each and everyone of us, have some photographs with us. Photographs are our memories, which we try to hold on to, by looking at them. We generally associate photographs with fond memories, that we want to cherish forever, and its through these photograph that the memories live with us forever. After a loved one passes away, a photograph is something that keeps the image alive for us. For many reasons such as these, it's important that photographs are stored properly, so that you can print these as and when you want to.

As much as we love photographs, and have them all over the place. It's important to have them organized. This is so, because for one, it can be quite messy to have them lying around the place. Second, we need some semblance of order, if we want to preserve photographs forever. Organizing photographs in a systematic manner, makes it easier for us to store, as well as look at or to find. Imagine if your photographs were not organized and you were looking for this particular photo, can you imagine the time you spend looking for this particular photo? Can you imagine the time that is wasted? If you had organized them in the first place, finding the photo would be a piece of cake.

Basically photographs and albums have been stored everywhere in a home. Popular places used to include the attic, garage, study drawers etc. Now, in order to organize your photographs, the best thing to do is, spread them all out in a large space, so that you can deicde what goes way. A huge table is ideal for this purpose. You can organize your photos into albums or you can just put a note on each of them, indication occasion etc. Older photographs should be worked on first, before the more recent ones, as the probablity of older ones getting damaged is much higher than the newer ones.

You can also save the photographs to your computer. This way, you can print it at any time that you want. Organizing photos on your computer is interesting and much easier, you can also make notes of your photos on the computer. Organizing would help in scrapbooking.

You can store and preserve your photographs in a number of ways. Chronological order seems to work the best for most people, that is sorting by date or by event. If the pictures are extremely old, you can sort them in years or groups. You can also organize pictures as per events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays etc. Sorting of photos can take quite a while.

After you have sorted all your photos, make sure that you label them. This will help you remember things easily. Storing comes next, and its important to keep your pictures in a safe and secure place. The place should be free from humidity, water, and too much of light. Keep photographs in boxes that have no liners and are acid free. Paper contains these elements, so it should be avoided.


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